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Practical NLP with Python New

This course is perfect for people looking for an overview of the state-of-the-art of practical NLP and what you can do with few lines of code. It’s mainly meant for beginner-to-intermediate technical people.

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Free and Open

The course is entirely free and open for everybody. No registration required.


Rich texts and interactive experiences are great to learn faster and better.

Real-world Projects

You will be doing several projects similar to what a data scientist encounters on the job.

Code Exercises

The best way to learn is to put into practice right away, thanks to Google Colab.


Test and reinforce your knowledge with quizzes in each lesson.

Interactive Visualizations

Explore data better with interactive charts directly on your browser.

History of NLP

NLP has had a history of ups and downs, influenced by the growth of computational resources and changes in approaches. Learn what has led to the recent boom in NLP.

Recent Trends

Large Language Models, GPT3, Transformers, Attention, Sparse Neural Networks, and so on. Get an insight into how the latest technologies work and learn how to use them in just a few lines of code.

Practical Projects

Learn to build text classifiers, semantic search engines, text generation models, recommender systems, and many others.

Quizzes in Every Lesson

Test your knowledge with interactive quizzes.

  1. A type of word representation with numerical vectors that allows words with similar meanings to have a similar representation.
  2. A vectorized representation of words obtained with one-hot encoding.
  3. A type of word representation with sparse word vectors that allows words with similar meanings to have a similar representation.

The correct answer is 1.


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